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Turnkey Solutions

Voice Over IP

Traditionally, obtaining a VoIP solution was actually quite expensive from a CAPEC / ROI point of view, making it practical only to the multinationals. Today we're happy to be providing true cost effective solutions to not only businesses of all shapes and sizes, but also to the individual.

Hotspots / BYOD

There's nothing more frustrating than getting to an available Hotspot and it's NOT working.
We've been rolling out Hotspots since the technology became available - from BnB's to small businesses to Enterprise BYOD customers. Easy to manage and easy on the pocket. Hotspots that work for you!


Secure connectivity a few simple clicks away. Work from anywhere as if you're sitting at your office desk. VPN solutions have never been this simple.

Media & Storage

Web hosting, mail servers, Virtual Private Servers in the Cloud, local File Storage Servers, Media content and streaming servers, Domain directory and Radius servers. Enterprise level solutions at a fraction of the cost.

Sales Tools

Sales tools like Customer Relation Management (CRM), mailing lists and templates, help desk and call centers are vital to any business's day to day activities. Streamline your sales and support processes and reap the benefits from inception.

IP Surveylance

Security in any environment is absolutely key for comfortable living & working conditions. Safeguard your physical investments by expanding your awareness and integrating the system with your existing security solutions. Simple, cost effective, easy to manage.
dNet About Us

Since the year 2000, dNet has been building up resources and skills in order to become what it is today.

With a passion for connectivity, ethical- as well as sustainable business models, we are happy to help where ever we can!

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